About us

Aaron Samuel Jean Crombé – “I was born in Belgium in 1975 and I came to Spain as a teenager. I was very early fascinated by our inner world and its impact on the way we perceive our surrounding reality. In my work as a language teacher, this was a constant source of enthusiasm that led me to develop innovative pedagogical methods based on puppetry which I shared in teacher training in Spain and abroad. I strengthened my intuitive bases by majoring in Psychology and I worked as a therapist for several years in Madrid, mainly with children and teenagers. I am currently deepening into the therapeutic and pedagogical potential of scenic arts in the Huelva’s Sierra where I have recently relocated.

I met Alexander Haupens Tankara when we were 6 years old… A pretty long friendship that allows us to work together easily and with great fun. He majored in Educational and Developmental Psychology. He is specialized in language teaching through music and rhythm. In the learning process he constantly combines science and art, academic techniques and creativity. He is a French and English teacher and he trains teachers in Spain and abroad. He is the composer of several discs that facilitate the learning of languages. He has also developed an innovative method based on the rhythm of foreign languages.

I met Arianka Boto more than 13 years ago. She is a communicator and her inspiration comes from the subtle interactions with trees and plants. After working for several years as a biochemist, she was a reporter freelance for El Mundo and El País. She now puts her skills as a writer at the service of Nature and the association “Once upon a time a travelling forest”. She also works with mineral and flower essences and she explores the healing power of plants and trees. Her dream is the creation of edible forests.” 



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