About me

Aaron Samuel Jean Crombé – “I am an artist as well as a language teacher (FSL) and a psychologist. For more than 14 years, I have developped pedagogical methods based on puppetry, which I have been sharing with teachers in France, Belgium, Netherland and Germany.

Fascinated by the stage performance where I find an ideal combination between rigor and creativity, I completed my training with Duda Paiva, Natasha Belova, Claire Dancoisne and Inés Pasic, in order to give my performances the professional level I was called to reach. I create and perform shows for children as well as for adults, taking advantage of my taste for investigation and my love for puppets and tales.

In the frame of language teaching, I used to be always disappointed by the brevity of my collaboration with schools, due to the short amount of time usually dedicated to foreign language cultural activities. This is how this project “The Travelling Puppets” was born, out of my desire to truly help the children to learn and my passion for teaching and for shows. This project allows a genuine pedagogical process to occur, bathed in poetry, magic and music. It also provide the teachers with motivating pedagogical tools and a follow-up that I used to miss in more conventional trainings.

I carry this project out in collaboration with musicians and audiovisual professionals and it has been implemented in private as well as public educations centers in Spain, Belgium and Germany. It has also been adapted for adults for the language department of the University of Magdebourg.

I met Alexander Haupens Tankara when we were 6 years old. A long friendship that allows us to work together easily and with great fun. He majored in Educational and Developmental Psychology. He is specialized in language teaching through music and rhythm. In the learning process he constantly combines science and art, academic techniques and creativity. He is a French and English teacher and he trains teachers in Spain and abroad. He is the composer of several discs that facilitate the learning of languages. He has also developed an innovative method based on the rhythm of foreign languages.

Marian Costa is a harpist whose music is inspired by the Sidhe and the magic creatures of mountains and forests. She collaborates at every level of this project and constitutes a major source of inspiration. 

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