What is it?

“Spring 2013… A language teacher has asked me to prepare a puppet show for her pupils. I am on a trip and I start sending postcards, where the puppets announce their future visit. Kids are enthusiastic. They want to know more. I make movies and I send them. It is a happy revolution in the classroom. Kids see the puppets everywhere in town. Feeling more and more enthusiastic myself, I ask my friend Alexander to help me with the songs, the puppet songs. He’s a musician and a teacher. Then it is the day of the show. The expectations are high. The moment Marco, the star, shows up, all the children start singing his song, laughing happily and calling him. Pure emotion. It is a success. And in a foreign language! “The travelling Puppets” have just been born.”

“The Travelling Puppets” is a pedagogic and artistic project which objective is to feed the natural enthusiasm of children. It is based on recent breakthroughs in the field of neurobiology of learning and it puts together the best of my experience in fields such as teaching, psychology and performing arts. It activates children’s natural skills for learning through two main tools, game and enthusiasm. 

The project unfolds over a term. In constant cooperation with the teachers, I send material that naturally feeds the best for learning: curiosity, motivation and fun. The key moment of the process is the show, when children eventually meet the puppets. A bath of emotion that strengthens the affective bond with the language and, thanks to the previous work, has a genuine and coherent meaning, both artistic and pedagogically.

The material I send is designed to be easily integrated into scholar curriculum. The tales are genuine and encourage the kids to trust themselves, respect their environment and face their fears. The songs are specially written and set to music for this project.


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