What is it?

Les Marionnettes de Passage” is a 3-month project to teach French,based on the journey of a troupe of puppets travelling from home to the education centre. It is particularly suitable for children aged 4 to 10, from A1 to C1 level. It is also a training in the field of the pedagogy of amazement and enthusiasm during which we work in close cooperation with the teachers.

It starts with the reception of postcards where the puppets announce their decision to come to the school for a show. It goes on with the reception of songs and videos and concludes three months later with the show. 

The whole project is also available without the need of the final show.

Our objective is to feed children’s natural enthusiasm, offering the best of our experience in the fields of teaching, psychology and scenic arts. This project activates the children’s innate learning skills through two main tools, play and enthusiasm.

The material we send is designed to be easily integrated in the scholar curriculum. It is ideal for activation through TIC approach. Songs and tales are created specifically for the project and gently encourage children to build their self-confidence as well as to respect their environment. The price is within the range usually dedicated to this kind of pedagogical and artistic proposals.

If you need more information, please feel free to get in touch. We love to have the opportunity to speak more in details about that project, very dear to our heart. We will answer your possible questions and propose the best organization for your situation.


“I have observed that the pupils are much more creative, receptive and participative compared to a more conventional teaching method. The puppets are without any doubt what children prefer and best remember about their French studying year. It is the event that they still speak about the year after.”

Christine, British School of Brussels, Belgium – 3rd of primary


“We have just had the final result and we are delighted. From the beginning, it has been incredible to see how the kids have involved themselves in the project”.

Nieves, El Quijote school, Madrid, Spain – kindergarten


“What I have found most convincing about this project is that children from kindergarten as well as from 1st and 3rd of primary have truly enjoyed it all alike. They were enthusiastic”.

Ania, San Bartolomeu school, Mallorca, Spain – 3rd & 6th of primary


“I have found in this project the preparation I was missing in other pedagogical initiatives, which makes it so much more adapted for children. It provides vocabulary enrichment as well as cultural insights and motivation”.

Christel, Pierre Trudeau International School, Magdeburg, Germany – 1st to 6th of primary


"What makes this project really comprehensive is the pedagogical journey that takes place beforehand. It matches very well the child’s progression along the year. And as I could choose the amount of time I wanted to dedicate to it in each class, it was easy and pleasant. So a very positive impression because the pupils were enthusiastic and they learnt "

Tifaine, Lycée Français de Madrid, Espagne – 2nd of primary


“It was a completely new kind of project but seeing the immediate motivation of the children I got fully involved myself. It brings enthusiasm and from there, you can ask anything to the children”.

Cati, San Bartolomeu school, Mallorca, Spain – 2nd & 4th of primary


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